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About Us

Blending Fragrances

Lotions-Potions.com has researched and developed products for over 45 years, to bring you the best in body and bath products. We offer our own brand of products that are luxurious and effective, yet affordable. We offer indulgences for you, your family, and your friends. We like to say that our store is all about taking care of yourself and feeling good. It's a place that's full of body care products, including the aromatic enhancement to scent your world. It's also about simple pleasures, like taking a leisurely bath, enjoying the relaxation of a massage product, or luxuriating in the richness of our body creams or lotions.

We have been dedicated to bringing you the best in bath and body for the past 45 years. We take care of every order, whether large and small. You are important to us. Our company in Phoenix, Arizona, was founded in 1973 by Sharon Muir. Many years ago, Sharon was faced with an extreme sensitivity to most soap and many body care products, as well as toxic ingredients. Her quest was to develop the best formulas for herself, since she is the one we test on, instead of animals.

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Create Your Own Signature Scent

You don't have to be royalty, a rock star, or a celebrity to have your own fragrance! Kings, queens, and celebrities pay thousands of dollars for this service. Now you will have the opportunity to create your own! Custom Scenting of our unscented product bases is easy, fun, unique. Once you use our products, you will be a loyal customer. It's simple, with 3 easy steps.

Step 1: Choose a fragrance (we have developed over 600).
Step 2: Select your body care products (from our time-tested line).
Step 3: We then custom blend them for you (mix or match products; use one scent or many different ones).

A helpful perfumer will be your guide on an aromatic journey through our Fragrance Blending Bar, which you'll remember each time you use your new custom scent. A Signature Scent Creation can take about 20 minutes, so plan to treat your olfactory receptors to many wonderful smells, as our perfumers demonstrate the scent combination you chose on special blotter strips.

You will receive fragrance oil concentrate, which is the highest percentage of fragrance ingredients. We will keep your private formula on file forever so that friends and family can re-order it for you. When someone wants a line of products matched from their signature fragrance, they first must purchase the oil concentrate, to allow us to blend it into the body care product, which is the unscented price. We can mix or match your signature scent into body butter, body wash, massage oils, body lotions, foaming soap, and more. Highlights include:

  • Create Your Own Custom Fragrance
  • 2 oz. Bottle (Round or Rectangle) and Organza Pouch
  • Nearly 600 Oils to Choose From
  • Order Natural Body Care to Mix or Match